Microsoft Train Simulator Instructions

Using the RailDriver with Microsoft Train Simulator


Currently Supported: XP (32-bit).

Download: Installation Package v. (4.4 MB)


    • RailDriver™ Manager v1.2.2.4
    • RailDriver™ Cab Maker v1.0.2.3
    • RailDriver™ Calibration v1.0.2.7

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  1. Install Microsoft Train Simulator.
  2. Install the rdmsts.exe linked above.
  3. Calibrate your RailDriver when prompted.
  4. Open the RailDriver Manager program.
  5. Choose the engine type that you intend to use, then double-check that the Cab Maker file box is filled in..
  6. Click "Play."
  7. When MSTS launches, choose a train (make sure it is the same type you chose in the RailDriver Manager) and route.
  8. Press the Run/Stop button (it is a blue button on your console, the left most button on the bottom row).
  9. Drive your train!

Common Problems

I get a pibus.sys error message and/or I'm trying to install the RailDriver on Windows Vista or 7.

The RailDriver is not compatible with MSTS on Windows Vista or 7. For more details please visit our Compatibility Chart.

The RailDriver connects to the sim, but the controls don't work or are erratic; and/or the HUD display flashes on and off; and/or the RD display reads "---" only.

This is common if the RailDriver software cannot read your HUD (Heads Up Display). The RailDriver works by reading simulator information from the screen. Without it, it is driving blindly. We have several troubleshooting steps:

Make sure nothing is blocking the HUD. Disable any non-standard desktop toolbars, even ones that do not seem to be visible when running MSTS. Make sure that all other tools and monitors are on another part of the screen.

Make sure the HUD text is as the RailDriver expects it to be. Do not install add-ons that modify this text in anyway, including color and content.

Make sure your graphics driver software is not modifying the screen text. Be sure that "anti-aliasing" and "anisotropic filtering" are turned off. If you have trouble figuring out how to do this, please contact your graphics card manufacturer or consult their website: ATI, NVIDIA.

Need Help?

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