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Run 8 Train Simulator, developed with native support for the RailDriver Train Cab Controller, requires no additional software. Plug in the RailDriver, wait for Windows to install it, and start Run 8.


These instructions are adapted from the the developer's notes on the Run 8 America Forum:

Run 8 calibration menu

For those using a RailDriver, you will most likely have to calibrate the unit, since each one puts out slightly different values. The sim needs to know what these values are, or else it will act strangely.

Using Shift-F2, open the Calibration Window (this window can only show in Windowed mode, not Full screen at the moment).

For each button in the window, first place the corresponding RailDriver control in that position, THEN press the window button.

For Example, with the Throttle, you would place it in the Full Throttle position, then hit the window button for "Full Throttle" or Notch8 or whatever I called it. Idle would be set in the Detent in the middle of the Throttle, then the window's Idle button pressed to lock in the value.

Do the same thing for all the controls. For the Train Brake, it may be wise to set the "release" position very slightly above the bottom-end of the handle's lower stop, so as to prevent spurious raildriver signals from accidentally setting some air.

Remember, set the control, then press the calibration button for that control to lock in the value.

Then hit the "Save" button at the bottom of the calibration window to save your values. If you did it right, and you have a good calibration, you probably will not have to do it again.

Button Legend Strips

RailDriver legend template

Create blue button legend strips for Run 8 with our template for Adobe Acrobat or MS Word. Print on good quality paper or card stock, cut, and install under the front panel. Get the template here: rdlegends.pdf or rdlegends.doc

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Join the Run 8 community to get tips and share information. Run 8 is the most realistic simulation program to date. If you need help learning to run a train, start here:



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