Train Master 4.3 Instructions

Using the RailDriver with Train Master 4.3


Currently Supported:Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows 7 (32/64)

Download: Installation Package v. (4.3 MB)


    • RailDriver™ Calibration v1.0.2.7
    • Trainmaster 4.3 v4.4.0.7

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  1. Install TrainMaster 4.3 first. (You can delete the TM RailDriver Interface icon from your desktop, as it is obsolete.)
  2. Download rdtm43.exe file above.
  3. Install rdtm43.exe. If you are on Windows 7 or newer locate the file (default location is in the Downloads folder on your C: drive) and right click on it. Select "Troubleshoot Compatibility" from the list and then "Try Recommended Settings." Click "Start the Program..." You may or may not get a flashing User Account Control window in your taskbar. If you do, be sure to click "Yes."
  4. A window will pop up asking you to calibrate. Follow the instructions. If you do not get the calibration wizard, navigate to the folder RailDriver was just installed in. Run the RDcalibration.exe file to calibrate your controller. (If you get an error message that says the file did not install correctly, select "File install correctly," as long as the software ran to completion.)
  5. Start up TrainMaster 4.3 and select your train and route from the "File" menu.
  6. Once started, the display on the RailDriver should flash "run." Press the Run/Stop button (in the lower left corner) on your RailDriver and the display should change to "0."
  7. Drive!

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