RailDriver Desktop Cab Controller

The Northen Alex unboxing and review of the RailDriver

Bill Gets a RailDriver for his Birthday

"Having the brake levers and all the others deepens the immersion into the sim and just enhances it overall."  

See his entire review here:

ObsessedFoamer Reviews RailDriver

"The raildriver is a must for all of you who are big into MSTS. I couldn't imagine going back to the keyboard."

See the review and comments here:

Unsolicited Review by Gene Davis

A controller designed specifically for the use with train simulation. "How cool could this be?" I thought.

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Unsolicited Testimony by David Lafferty

I purchased my raildriver unit at least 2 years ago if not 3 years ago. One of the things I noticed when I first took it out of the box was how heavy it is and how solidly constructed.

The other night, I was finishing a session and as I was pulling my chair away from the desk, one of the legs caught on a cable to the raildriver. The unit fell a short distance to the floor. I looked it over and didn't see any damage, so just put it back up on the desk. Yesterday, I went to run a train and the independent brake would not work. Of course I immediately knew it was the result of the fall. I was in a small state of panic, there is no way I would want to go back to running trains using the keyboard.

Since my unit would be long out of warranty, I decided to go ahead and open the unit and see what the damage might be. I found that the independent handle had came off the sliding control mounted on the circuit board. It was not too difficult to line it up and put the notch back in the slot. Put the cover back on and ... everything was back to normal.

Thank-you for building your raildriver unit so robust. I certainly have got my money's worth.

Unsolicited Review by Tom Pappaceno

With all the wild devices available to flight simmers, they've had it made for so long. Now at last we finally have something for us.

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Review by Matthew Peddlesden at

I've had a great time using the device and will definitely be using it for all future Train Sim game-time without a doubt.

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Review by Nels Anderson at

Anyone who is serious about driving trains needs a real set of controls, and RailDriver® is just that. RailDriver® is something every serious train-simmer should own — it's that good.

Hitch Coupler

"It's high impact plastic. It fits in my hitch receiver. What's to review?" - fictitious RailDriver customer




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