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We've attempted to assemble a collection of links to other sites within the train simulation community, though we know that maintaining a complete list would be nearly impossible. We appreciate your feedback, and hope that you will help us to keep this list updated. If you have a site to be added to our list, or would like to report a broken link, please contact us:

  1. General and Community Sites
  2. Commercial Sites
  3. Open Rails Sites
  4. BVE Train Simulator Sites
  5. Designer and Modeler Sites Search 10,000 Railroad Sites



This site — although worldwide — has its base in the United States. caters to anyone involved in the train simulation world, covers all major platforms, is technical and informative, and maintains a large download library of items ranging from street signs to skyscrapers.

This is the premier UK site, oriented toward the British enthusiast. The site contains tutorials, a large download library (containing some U.S. and European models), and is the home of most of the UK's top third-party contributors. also hosts a very informative and responsive forum.

A comprehensive site for all things train, provides thousands of links for virtual and scale modelers. In addition, it contains free downloads for MSTS and BVE, route-building and model-building tools and parts, forums, rail news, and a comprehensive search engine.

Run 8 America

Home of the official Run 8 Train Simulator forums. The place where you can discuss and exchange ideas about Run 8 Train Simulator with your fellow simmers, learn information about future Run8 updates, review the latest Run 8 User Guide and FAQ, find or announce a Run 8 multi-player session, view Run 8 videos and screen shots, and even have discussions with Run 8 Crew members like lead programmer John Greenstone.

An online railroad photo database, is an entertaining site for all rail fans. It also serves as a great resource for modelers and allows for searches by locomotive type, railroad, country, and so forth. The site includes over 60,000 photographs.

North Eastern Railroad

Creating a world in v-scale since September 1, 2002, the North Eastern Railroad site is a great resource for MSTS users. It provides some great information on virtual railroading, and includes active forums and chat opportunities.

British Railway Modeling Magazine

Providing information and articles regarding scale and digital railroad modeling, the British Railway Modeling Magazine also offers reviews of software, such as the following review of the Severn Valley Route, available for purchase on this site.

Obo's Catalog of MSTS Locomotives

This catalog of locomotives contains over 2000 different entries, each which includes a screen shot and a link. This site is frequently updated with new locomotives.

Brief History of New York City Transportation

This article gives a brief overview of New York City Transportation starting back in 1827.

Transportation History: The Trolley, Tram and Streetcar

This article gives a brief overview of history of trolleys and trams dating back to the late 1800s.

All About Electronic Circuits for Kids

A great overview of the parts that make up different types of circuits. Includes a list of website references for a more in-depth look.





Decapod's Projects

As the official site for Paul Gausden, this resource includes MSTS Projects with downloads, links, and three-dimensional resources for both modelers and developers.

The official site for Chris Longhurst, a talented designer of trains and many other things three-dimensional.

The official site for David Dallaston, a talented designer of locomotives and stock for the Auran Trainz software.

Model Railroads and Freight Cars

This page offers some unique resources for the model railroader. Thanks to Lucas for bringing it to our attention.

Residential Electrical Circuits Explained

This guide explains electrical circuits and has a ton of other electricity/engineering projects to play with. Thanks to Tom for bringing it to our attention.



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