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Here you will find free routes for Microsoft Train Simulator and Auran Trainz Railroad Simulator, legends for the RailDriver® Desktop Train Cab Controller, 3D parts, and a tool kit to help you make a cab that is fully compatible with the RailDriver®.


In our tutorials section, we've provided a tutorial that will assist you at improving your train simulation experience. We plan to offer more tutorials in the near future as well.

Community Links

We've attempted to assemble a collection of links to other sites within the train simulation community for you to peruse. Please feel free to browse these sites and take part in our growing community.

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Open Rails

We view this as the best available alternative for MSTS users to continue to enjoy MSTS routes and content on Windows Vista and 7 platforms.

Open Rails is a freeware project designed and supported by a community of railroad enthusiasts.

Open Rails offers native support for the RailDriver Desktop Train Cab Controller and is compatible with most MSTS routes and content.

In its current form, Open Rails requires an installation of MSTS and other supporting downloads from Microsoft.

Learn more about Open Rails here:

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